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5 Tips on Saving Fuel So That It’s Not Wasteful

5 tips on saving fuel

In the previous article, it was mentioned that fuel is one of the biggest expenses that affect the operational costs of a fleet. How come? Every day, the fleet will continue to use fuel. Especially if the distance traveled by the fleet is getting further, then the fuel needed is even more. Even so, we can keep the use of fuel so as not to waste.

Here are 5 tips that can be done to save fuel use on the fleet:

Using BBM with high octane

High octane fuel is said to be able to reduce fuel waste. This is because high-octane fuel can trigger the use of less fuel. Also, high octane fuel also makes the engine work more efficiently.

Effective in using vehicle air conditioners

Another thing that causes fuel waste is the ineffective use of vehicle air conditioners. Turning on the AC in the car means forcing the engine to expend more power to support the AC’s performance. To be more effective, you should not use AC if it feels outside the weather is not too hot. However, if it is required to turn on the AC, then wait first until the hot air in the car comes out entirely. Another tip is to turn off the AC switch feature when you need engine power, for example when a car passes the road uphill.

Check the tire pressure

Lack of wind pressure on the tire will cause the scroll resistance to enlarge and result in a waste of fuel. Therefore, checking the air pressure on the tire is an important thing that must be done routinely.

Reduce the burden on the vehicle

The burden carried by vehicles, especially cars, can affect the use of fuel on these vehicles. The more burden on the vehicle, the more fuel is expended. Fuel expenditure will be more than 1 to 2% for every 50kg in a vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to the burden carried by a vehicle.

Vehicle routine service

One way to minimize fuel usage is by regularly servicing vehicles. By doing regular service, the fuel line and other components will be maintained properly. So that there will be no special problems in the fuel lines that can cause fuel waste. Not only fuel lines, other components such as air sensors, spark plugs, and others must also be routinely replaced so that the engine can work more efficiently.


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