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Fleet Management System for UMKM

Fleet management system for umkm

It isn’t strange if we, as Indonesians, enjoy and use the products created by various SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise) available. The types of products marketed by SMEs are of course diverse, from food to shoes. At present, many of them can market their products online through various market places that suit their respective product types.

Along with the development of digital technology, the existence of SMEs can also be increasingly developed by utilizing digital technology, both in terms of marketing their products or supporting daily activities. However, it turns out there are still many SMEs who do not or do not yet realize how to empower digital technology that is effective and can bring benefits to them. This is proven by a survey conducted by SME Magazine that almost every SME surveyed was aware of the importance of digital strategies, but many did not have the resources or ability to implement them.

Because it is categorized as SME Business, of course, the SMEs must be able to rotate finances well, including reducing and pressing as low as possible on operational costs. The process of delivering and shipping the goods that have been mentioned earlier will of course cost quite a lot, especially for the vehicle. Fuel, maintenance, and also the driver, of course, have their own costs which cannot be avoided but can be minimized, namely by carrying out shipping and delivery activities as effectively as possible.

The Role of the Fleet Management System for SMEs

The Fleet Management System is believed to be able to increase the effectiveness of the shipping and delivery process, and most of all, able to have a positive impact in the form of reduced operational costs. Being able to track the position of the vehicle and monitor how the driver drives, will make the activities of shipping and delivering goods more effective than before. Starting from only being able to deliver goods 3 times, will change to 6 times a day, thanks to a sophisticated system like this. We can observe and analyze vehicle speed results in a day that can be maximized into the use of the vehicle itself. The risk of an accident will thin out because it can monitor the workings of the driver when driving.

Lacak.io as a company engaged in the field of Information and Technology also comes with Fleet Management System as its main product. Having a vision and mission in helping companies to start changing their fleet management system, which traditionally came from being digital-based.

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